About Us!

Meraki Beauty is a space created from the owner's personal outlook & dreams of a relaxing, peaceful, and fun environment to come get pampered and refreshed so you are ready to take on your days all while feeling and looking your best.

At Meraki Beauty we believe in building a style that fits you and your life style perfectly. We know that power, confidence, and joy comes from taking the time to treat yourself. For Those of you who are new guests, I’m excited to meet you and help create your perfect stylings! For those of you who are committed and faithful guests, I'm so thankful for you from the bottom of my heart. whether your new or a loyal patron I welcome you all to indulge in the Meraki meaning... Beauty with love, creativity, and soul.

Meet Our Team!

Want to get to know our team?
Look no further!
Meet The Team!


We would love to share a great experience inside our salon! Take a glimpse inside and before you come and visit!



Interested to learn more about our products?

Loma Hair Care

Do you like the natural look? How about the natural feel?

Amika Hiar Care

Looking for a way to update your look? Want a change of pace with your beauty?
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